This paid programming series, a first-of-its-kind on CNBC and Salesforce+, highlights how seven high-growth companies navigate digital transformation to thrive in today’s market.


"The Shift" is a branded content documentary series highlighting the incredible change and success seen in seven companies who transformed their business to be digital-first with the help of Salesforce's innovative technology. This seven-part series allows viewers behind the curtain and into the decision-making process as these high-growth Salesforce customers evolve their business practices to adapt to rapidly changing industry landscapes. The paid-programming series, a first-of-its-kind for CNBC and Salesforce+, aired at 2:30pm EST on CNBC for nine consecutive Saturdays and also aired on, Peacock and Salesforce+.

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Objective:Highlight the incredible change and success seen in Salesforce customers who transformed their business to be digital-first through a "big-splash" content program that provides actionable insight and cuts through B2B content clutter.

“The Shift” is a seven-part, branded content documentary series spotlighting seven Salesforce customers as they evolve their business practices to adapt to rapidly changing industry landscapes. Each 22-minute episode showcases real-world challenges and their solutions, which are made possible by innovative technology from, and partnership with, Salesforce.

The Challenge: Convincing high-growth, high-profile companies (all Salesforce customers) to allow viewers behind their PR team's steel curtain into the decision-making process that led their organizations to success was a tall order. Securing CNBC editorial approval to run a branded content
series during linear programming was a close second.

Tactics:The never-been-done paid programming series aired at 2:30pm EST on CNBC for nine consecutive Saturdays. Following their TV debuts, episodes were published to, NBCU’s Peacock streaming platform and Salesforce+, with significant promotion on all CNBC digital channels, social media and Apple News.




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episode 1

OneUnited Bank

Can the largest Black-owned bank in America undo years of economic inequality? Find out how OneUnited Bank uses innovative technology to help close the racial wealth gap.

episode 2


Enlightened is changing the frozen foods aisle by bringing consumers treats that are lower-sugar and delicious. See how they use tech to guide growth and compete in a crowded market.

episode 3

Metallica: All Within My Hands

Metallica started All Within My Hands to combat hunger and support education. See how adopting new technology helps their philanthropic nonprofit support causes around the world.

episode 4


Pandora has enchanted charm collectors for over 40 years. See how it's reimagining the in-store experience while simultaneously improving its digital footprint.

episode 5

Formula 1

Formula 1 embraces new technology in their race to grow the sport and reach more fans worldwide

episode 6

Rocket Companies

Rocket Companies uses technology to make home buying more convenient and accessible while making a difference in Detroit.

episode 7


CarMax builds an innovative platform as it reconsiders how consumers buy cars in an increasingly digitized world.

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Series Trailer

The Shift follows business leaders as they leverage technology to dramatically scale operations, connect with customers and change the world in authentic and meaningful ways.

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